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November 13 2012


I thought I'd share my favorite regex of all time:

[ -~]

Any ideas what this regexp matches?

It matches all ASCII characters from the space to the tilde. What are those characters? They're all printable characters!

My favorite regex of all time - good coders code, great reuse
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March 12 2010


Regular Expression Matching in the Wild

RE2, provides most of the functionality of PCRE using a C++ interface very close to PCRE's, but it guarantees linear time execution and a fixed stack footprint. RE2 is now in widespread use at Google, both in Code Search and in internal systems like Sawzall and Bigtable.

As of March 2010, RE2 is an open source project, with all development conducted in public. This article is a tour through the RE2 source code, showing how the techniques in the first two articles apply in a production implementation.
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March 02 2010

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